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Lionel train parts diagram

Whether you are a long time repairmen, collector, operator or are just new to the hobby, we believe you have arrived at the right place for your Lionel service and parts needs. We have a vast array of Lionel parts spanning Lionel's production period from throughas well as numerous sources for parts beyond those found in our in house inventory.

Whether you're looking for a part for your early 5 locomotive; your standard gauge or E; your O gauge Super Motor; your E, E or even your Hudson, in all likelihood we will have it or know where to find it.

We realize the importance of finding the correct part for your repair. Unlike many of the parts dealers you will find on the Internet, we don't make up bogus part numbers for parts.

We do the research necessary to properly identify them. We also use our extensive library to provide a part look-up service for our customers. As a further service to our customers, we include crossover and transition part numbers often omitted in most publications and within most websites. One such example of a crossover part is the E pilot truck. There are three versions, prewar Etransition used on the last production run of the E and version of theand then postwar versions as used on the and later versions of the and on the The only changes that we have made are those necessary to distinguish used from new; grade the condition of expensive items like diesel or steam cabs, or denote items that may have undergone changes at Lionel's factory but aren't clearly defined in repair manual pages.

As an example, certain prewar part numbers end with an "X" suffix, an "X" at the end of the part number indicating that the part has been superseded by a later version that now holds the original part number.

During the transition into the postwar period, the use of the "X" wasn't consistently applied by Lionel. Many times the "X" merely denoted a change from one decal color to another, or signaled an improvement such as the difference between an open top F-3 pilot as opposed to the closed top pilot. We attempt to clarify this in our listings. Our website layout is one that will evolve as we create the necessary data that will enable you to enter the item you wish to repair, such as aand have our search engine method return all of the known part numbers for that item.

We hope that you will understand that this will take a considerable amount of time to accomplish as no one has ever done this before. In the meantime, you may peruse our parts listings in our store and use the link at the above left to contact us with your needs when you are unable to locate an item in our store.

We will gladly add it to our store for you! You may head directly to our store by clicking this link. Take me to the store. Dealers: If you are business involved in the sale and service of Lionel toy trains we can offer you a dealer discount. The amount of the discount is scaled to the size of the order.

While it doesn't matter to us whether you have a brick and mortar store on Main Street or work from your shop at home - you just need to be able to show us that you do have an operating business!

About Us.April Why 3 Prongs? Have you ever wondered why the electrical cord on your appliances now have the three prong plugs? The later appliances approved by the Underwriters Laboratories with the ground plug, appeared on our gadgets a few decades ago. Notice that Lionel Transformers produced prior to had only two V plugs.

Some operators who have large layouts requiring multiple transformers, have requested power cords with the ground plug. This makes sense because when more than one transformer is added, the grounds need to be aligned, starting at the wall plug and proceeding all the way to the track voltage.

The addition of a third prong allows the transformers to be utilized with common grounds from the start. Tinker's Website was shut down for a few days in early September. Happily, the site is once again up and operational. A number of our friends noted that the Website was offline and some even pointed out that the content had become dated in recent times. When we discussed additional articles with OGR Magazine a few years back, the publisher pointed out also, that the Dr.

True, the writings of Dr. Tinker, in general, deal with Prewar and Postwar Lionel production. Consequently, no more contributions have gone to OGR. Likewise, material for the Dr. Tinker Website is rarely related to currently produced Lionel Trains.

However, the writings, comments and hints contained in the Website have value in areas that many are interested in and deal with subjects not related to the new imported trains. Tinker is not versed in modern train repair in fact, and prefers to write about the trains that he is familiar with instead. This policy will continue and we appreciate the continued support of our readers. Train Repairing Today The model train hobby is clearly a happy and thriving leisure time enterprise.

This is evidenced by the plethora of replacement parts dealers that one sees. Tinker Dave Laughridge was repairing Lionel trains for fun and relaxation. At that point in his career, he was heavily involved in toy and game development. Away from the office, repairing toy trains provided a nice contrast for him, but locating parts was a problem, hence the heavy involvement presently. We have been stocking Lionel replacement parts for over 35 years to date.

Many people ask if Lionel still makes replacement parts. I must admit, this is not being pursued as enthusiastically as we would like. We buy out old Lionel Service Stations when possible, to get original Lionel parts and there are many sources for excellent reproduction parts available.

Our inventory is quite wide, actually. Some parts are not being produced for trains produced since then, but there is little demand for those parts fortunately. We get many calls from folks with broken trains or tired old Lionels.

We make every effort to advise on the best course of action. Tinker if you need help in this effort. Preferably via email: dave drtinkertrains. Information : Introduction to Dr. Features Page: Includes Dr. The Parts List shows what we currently have in stock, listed numerically by Lionel Corp.

Parts Order Form.Does anyone have links to free sites with Lionel exploded views and parts lists? I've seen that Lionel's own website has some but not many of the earlier postwar stuff.

Lionel Train Parts

Maybe I'm using the search incorrectly. For example, parts lists for. There are 47 Supplements you can download, the later ones probably late 30's to 47 are more modern items figure MPC to early-mid 's. Actually, to be technical, there are 39 files, the first one is labeled I believe what you're looking for is too old to be in any of the supplements that are on the Lionel site, they start at Do you have the Greenberg's book? It has the PW stuff up toand includes the stuff you're looking for.

Thanks guys. No, I don't have a Greenberg book. It seems there are a few That's the one. Full details can be found at www. I am the product author! This is an official Lionel licensed product. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance. There have been several recent threads about this website and I thought it had been fixed. Perhaps you can refer to the recent archives to get a new web address.

lionel train parts diagram

Olsen's is down since Sandy, though there was a post by Sharon saying they are planning on getting it back on-line recently. Don't know what the schedule for that to happen might be Thanks everyone! Ah yes! Olsen's was where I had found some postwar stuff before. Before you spend any money you might want to verify that the Greenberg Manual includes the specific parts lists and diagrams that you need.

They are from This book ISBN is Can you check the page numbers?

lionel train parts diagram

What he said. Unfortunately the dump car doesn't have an exploded view or a parts list and the series passengers aren't the ones I'm looking for:. A recent post by Sharon said that Olsen's may soon be up, so perhaps all our gloom-n-doom about the future of that site was unwarranted.

C CVette Member. Original Post.We have thousands of Lionel train parts. We carry both original and reproduction parts for all your Lionel trains and accessories.

Check out our Lionel train collection here. Item 25 to 48 of items. Home Lionel Train Parts. Lionel Train Parts. Show 24 12 24 36 per page. Lionel Collector Spring 2. Lionel x Pickup Plate Plastic Insulator 1.

Postwar Lionel - Parts

Lionel E-1 E-Unit Drum. Lionel TT Slide Shoe 2. Lionel GP-9 Grab Handle 3. Lionel Rear Apron Ladder Steps. Lionel B Motor Mounting Plate.

Lionel Nickle Hex Nut 4. Lionel momentary push button Controller no screws. Lionel O22 Switch Lantern. Lionel Slide Shoe Rivet 6. Lionel E Truck Mounting Screw 3.

Our Products view all. Stock Status In Stock. Fixed Price. Type Trolleys and Railcars. Train Sets. Model Train Controls and Lighting.Attention Lionel Train operators and Lionel Train collectors. Quantities of these special internet sale Lionel model train accessories are limited so order yours soon.

We are your most complete on-line source for original and reproduction repair parts for your postwar Lionel O and O gauge trains. Over 3, Lionel repair parts can be ordered on-line. If you are just beginning to learn how to repair your Lionel trains and accessories it has the all the information you'll need to find the Lionel parts for your repair.

Mount Bolt Sub. E Unit-Not Available. HO Whistle Controller. Rear Journal Clip. Prewar 2 Piece Wood Barrel. Barrels Set of 6.

Long Curved Rail L. O Gauge Switch Controller. Track Lock with Ives Stamping. Brush Spring. Lock On for Operating Cars. Slotted Motor Brush. Turned Head Motor Brush.

Must exchange yours with order. E Unit with Hooked arm in rear Must exchange yours with order. For E Unit, No Wire.

E Unit Switch Rivet. E Unit Only Sold with your servicable unit exchanged.

lionel train parts diagram

Crosshead For Scout. Reverse Lever. Pinion Gear. Plain Wheel. Roller Contact Strip.Click on the boxcars to see high resolution images.

The "" boxcar celebrates our return to bringing our customers quality products and fantastic customer service. To reserve your boxcars, send your check or money order to the address at the bottom of the page. Receipts will be forwared via email and deposits will be made when the cars are shipped.

Postwar Lionel - Parts

While we are no longer the largest, we will strive to be the best. Our motto is " Ask and hopefully you'll receive. We stock some older trains, many accessories, and a fine selection of new and old stock for Lionel, Walthers, and Weaver.

We sell new and refurbished Lionel classic transformers. We warranty the older refurbished transformers for 1 year labor and materials. Global shipping is available for any in stock or special order items. Our reputation has been built on service, courtesy, prompt replies, and fast shipping over our 45 years in service. Please browse our website to get an idea of what we can do for you! Please call or e-mail to check availability and to make your purchase.

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Links for Lionel exploded views and parts lists | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

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Classic Lionel Trains - The Hudson 1937 - 1942

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